Margarita Flórez

margarita florezMargarita Flórez Alonso is a Columbian lawyer, professor, and researcher, with expertise in environmental issues and indigenous and natural resource management and protection. In Colombia, Ms. Flórez has worked with countless government and non-governmental agencies, including the National Institute of Renewable Natural Resources and Environment (INDERENA), the Latin American Institute for Society and Alternative Law (ILSA), the Ministry of Environment, the Bogota Botanical Garden, the Colombian House of Representatives, the Humboldt Institute and the Gaia Amazonas Foundation. Internationally, she has worked as a consultant with groups including World Wildlife Fund. Ms. Flórez has taught at several universities: Del Rosario University of Bogotá, the District University of Bogotá, the National Pedagogical University of Bogotá, and the Pedagogical and Technological University of Tunja. In 2012, she served as Secretary of Environment of Bogotá.

She serves on the board of directors for the Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad (Environment and Society Association), an organization comprised of environmental professionals. Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad seeks to create positive changes in regulations, policies, decision-making processes and practices in environmental issues. This influential organization, while working primarily with affected communities, youth groups, and women, promotes the full implementation of their rights to participation and access to information by civil society and advocates for the transparency of public and private entities.