The Rev. Canon Sally Grover Bingham

rev-sally-binghamThe Reverend Canon Sally Grover Bingham, an Episcopal priest and Canon for the Environment in the Diocese of California, was one of the first faith leaders to fully recognize the changing climate as a moral issue. She is founder and president of The Regeneration Project and its Interfaith Power & Light campaign, which currently has 18,000 congregation members in 40 states. Reverend Bingham serves on the national board of the Environmental Defense Fund, and the advisory board of both the Union of Concerned Scientists and Climate One. She has received many awards including, in 2012, the Rachel Carson Women in Conservation Award from the Audubon Society and the Life Time Achievement Award from the Festival of Faiths, and, in 2014, the Bishop of California Green Cross Award. She is the lead author of Love God Heal Earth (St. Lynn’s Press, 2009), a collection of 21 essays on environmental stewardship by religious leaders.